Meso-brain makes recordings with iPSC cell cultures

As the project heads into the last 12 months of activity, recent recordings of Axol iPSC cell cultures show great promise for the achievement of the final results.

The video, traces and raster plot are based upon experiments with iPSC cells infected with AAV to incorporate GCAMP6s for Ca detection. Cultures were at DIV 30, with infection at DIV 15. Recordings were taken at 20 fps and a 3×3 mm^2 field of view. The quality of the signal is very good, and the firings are clear, with an increase of fluorescence by 5-10%. Recordings at 50 fps also provide a good signal. The partners are confident that we will get good data in the light-sheet setup at ICFO based upon the promise of these results. In the next step, the partners will repeat measurements with cells growing in scaffolds.

Watch the video