Laser structured 3D scaffolds for development of 3D neuronal networks

The video provides an instructive example of the enabling power of well-engineered 3D scaffold platforms. An iPSCs-derived neuronal cell network developed on 3D laser produced scaffold at day 69 of neuronal differentiation is presented. The video has been reconstructed from a stack of confocal microscopy images. Neurons are green (MAP2 staining), red dots are synaptic connections (PSD95 staining ), and blue are cell nuclei. Laser structured 3D scaffold represent a great artificial platform for the development of 3D neuronal networks. Obtained neuronal cell populations are currently undergoing thorough characterization using additional markers.

A key goal of the MESO-BRAIN project is to engineer 3D lasered scaffolds to faciliate and direct the growth of 3D neuronal networks into barin-like cortical columns that can be used to advance a range of neurological investigations, knowledge and understanding. Ultimately, the scaffolds will be able to help in the creation of a meso-brain as an advanced model for drug development purposes to tackle the growing burden of neurological disorders.

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