Photonics meets Biology summer school IV (PMB IV) – Blog from James Crowe

A PhD candidate working on the MESO-BRAIN project, James Crowe attended the Photonics meets Biology summer school IV (PMB IV), which took place in Tarragona, Spain. James discusses his attendance of the conference where he presented his research. This year’s biennial Photonics meets Biology summer school was held in the Catalonian city of Tarragona. The summer schools brings together expertise in leading-edge research, and focuses on the union of photonic and biological sciences to revolutionise the use of lasers in the biomedical field.

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MESO-BRAIN research reported on local television

Prof Eric Hill from Aston University explains at Birmingham News how new brain cell scaffolds could provide clues to help develop therapies for Alzheimer’s disease.

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NEW! Cell Activity Imaging Capability

Axol Bioscience have successfully developed red fluorescent, Genetically-Encoded Ca2+ indicator for Optical imaging (R-GECO) and imaged iPSCs with R-GECO integrated in multiple locations of the genome.

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MESO-BRAIN Consortium meet to discuss future 3D neuronal cultures and imaging

In Tarragona on the 18th September, the interdisciplinary consortium met to present and discuss their latest results and agree future research priorities. The meeting was hosted by the Institute of Photonics Sciences.